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To insert a link in your advert, in the WYSIWYG editor click a tiny squire with an arrow, and place a link in a small pop-up window. 

Our classifieds are primarily based in Sri Lanka. Promote your business online or sell your used things locally in Sri Lanka! It's free!
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Is your advertising really free?
Yes, you can post your ads totally free. Later we shall also have featured ads for higher exposure, but free options will always remain.

Is registration necessary?
No, you can post ads and events without registration. But you will have to validate either your ad posting or your membership via email.

How long will my advertisement remain active?
Unless you delete it yourself, your ad will remain active. Please, don’t forget to remove your ad, if the item was sold.

How to post an ad?
Click on the "Publish your ad for free" button located in the top right-hand corner of the page. If you already have registered with Free Ads, please login first. Select your country and follow the menu. The listing process is very simple with ability to upload photos, if you want. Although a text box for the ad may seem small, a large advertisement may be placed easily, scroll up and edit your ad with WYSIWYG editor, if you like. Prepare your ad in advance and copy it preferably from a text file. If you post your ad in Sinhala, use a keyboard at

After submitting your ad, you will receive an email to validate your ad, click the validation link in the email. Keep this email, please, because it contains links for editing and deleting the ad. If you will sign up with this email, you will need only your email and password to login the site.
We advise you to get a membership that is always FREE. In this case you login simply by using your email and password and get full editing and posting access; you will be able to edit, delete old and post new ads, whenever you want.

What is the size of photos in Free Ads?
The expected normal size of uploaded photos is 640 x 480 (width x height) pixels, though you can use any size, which you find suitable. But keep in mind that if smaller images are used, the thumbnail and preview sizes will become proportionally smaller. The maximum size of photos is 1000 kb or 1 Mg that is rather large. You can use Paint or other photo editor software to reduce the size of your large stock photos. The uploaded images will be saved in JPG/JPEG format.  

How to insert a link?
To insert a link in your ad, in the WYSIWYG editor, find a small squire with an arrow. When you click it, a small pop-up window appears, place your link there. First, you should leave the pointer of the mouse in the place of link, then scroll up and place your link. If you find it difficult, then first, place a link, then copy the text of your ad (preferably, from a text file) above the link.   The use of HTML banner codes are allowed (please, use target="_blank" with the link), but do not misuse them; place one link or a banner at the end of your advertisement.

How to edit or delete a post?
If you are a member/user in Free Ads, you can easily manage your postings and personal profile through the 'Account' section.
If you are not registered in Free Ads, you should keep a validation letter for your ad in order to edit or delete it. If you lost the letter, you can join Free Ads with the email you used for posting. Then you will find your ad in your account. Contact the admin, if you want to delete your ad or have problems with editing.

Where is my ad?
After submitting an ad, you must click the validation link in the email. Sometimes email clients or webmail services may place new email addresses in the spam mail folder, so see there, if you can’t find it in your inbox. Once validated, your posting will appear with other listings immediately! If you post during the night time in Sri Lanka, your ad will be activated by administration in the morning. Do not worry, it’s 100% free, and your ad will be activated, if it does not break the terms of Free Ad.
We do not approve ads with adult, pornographic, illegal content, nudity, hate, SPAM, or any other material considered to be offensive. Do not try to post such content, your ads will be removed.

Can anyone be registered in the site?
Yes, you can register, unless you are black-listed as a spam-attacker in other sites: forums, classifieds or blogs. By the way, these are not ordinary spammers. Once one user posted 425 ads, poorly-edited with submission software, with senseless text and adult links, but he did not validate them via email. Even if we provide free ad-posting, do not place unnecessary links with the attempt to earn on search or clicks of admin. Anyway, these affiliates never collect the minimum amount to receive their payment, so do not spent your and our time for nothing.

The number of registrations exceeds 11,000 now, but the number of ads is small. Some users create tens or even hundreds of accounts. It seems they use software that is capable to register emails and also promises to verify them. But in reality it did not. Their addresses is an arbitrary long combination of letters; their usernames are completely different. Their emails seldom verified. So in few days we have to remove tens of unverified accounts. Why are you going to create them? You will be able to post many ads with one account for FREE; use your email with your name (at least first name) for registration.

Some foreign domains create new accounts almost every day; in addition, they do not have any ads. Why can’t you keep your email and password? Why can’t you get reminder of your password using your email? We shall leave the most recent of your registrations, if applicable. Accounts using temporary emails like and without ads will be removed.

Lately, some users created over 100 registrations with domains of concert websites. Some of them posted around 50 large articles concerning concert tickets. Probably, they are employees or affiliates of those companies. They got articles of 2010, and tried to use them for different sites without editing them. Note that you should have a clear offer in your advertisement, and you are responsible for your information. How can we place offers for Christmas of 2010? Leave your articles for blogs and forum posting, and properly edit them before posting with the names of singers, bands and places. You’d better to use your websites (not articles) for your advertisement. We can help prepare advertisements, if you contact us.

We are located in Sri Lanka, although we are participating in US traffic exchanges and advertising, first of all, we expect offers suitable for South Asia. We can’t find buyers for your car or house from any place in the world. Foreigners (except Tamil Nadu) are expected to place ads in English primarily in Internet Category.


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