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To insert a link in your advert, in the WYSIWYG editor click a tiny squire with an arrow, and place a link in a small pop-up window. 

Our classifieds are primarily based in Sri Lanka. Promote your business online or sell your used things locally in Sri Lanka! It's free!
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About Us

Free Ads is a free recently-opened classified ads website in Sri Lanka. The categories include vehicles, real estate, internet and websites, items for sale, community, services, classes, etc. with subcategories. Read and search goods and services available in the website. Promote your business from Sri Lanka online or sell your things in Sri Lanka. All ads appear immediately after you have posted and validated them via email, no waiting for the approval from the administration in the day-time. It’s 100% Free!

Use our ad placement system to post your free ads online! We also have Internet category with several subcategories, like Free Earning Opportunities, Free Website Promotion, Free Stuff, Digital Goods, Websites and Blogs and so on, where members from other countries can also place their ads. We use a classifieds script for offering goods, products and services locally. (It's hardly possible to find buyers from any particular place in the world.) So when you will be posting an ad, you will maybe have to fill your country, region and city; your address is optional. We have the following selection of countries: Sri Lanka, India, USA, Canada and Britain with geographical regions. The other countries are marked as "Other".  You can add some information about yourself in your profile, if you like, edit or change it. In your internet advert, don’t forget to provide the offer location, if different from your location, for example, USA, if your affiliate website is from the USA.  The use of HTML banner codes is allowed, but do not misuse them; place one link or a banner at the end of your advertisement (if you want to add a link). When you use a banner code, please, use  target="_blank" with your link, so that your website will open in a new window, next to FreeAds. 

To insert a link in your ad, in the WYSIWYG editor, find a small squire with an arrow. When you click it, a small pop-up window appears, place your link there. You should leave the pointer of the mouse in the place of link, scroll up and place your link. If you find it difficult, then, first, place a link, then copy the text of your ad (preferably, from a text file) above the link. Although a text box for the ad may seem small, a large advertisement may be placed easily, edit your ad with WYSIWYG editor, if you like. 

The listing process is very simple with ability to upload photos, if you want. The expected normal size of uploaded photos is 640 x 480 (width x height) pixels, though you can use any size, which you find suitable. But keep in mind that if smaller images are used, the thumbnail and preview sizes become proportionally smaller. The maximum size of photos is 1000 kb or 1 Mg, that is rather large. You can use Paint or other photo editors to reduce the size of your large stock photos. The uploaded images will be saved in JPG/JPEG format. The website address, phone number and other particulars may be added to your profile.

No registration is necessary to place your ad, after posting you will get links via email for editing and deleting your advertisement; keep them and don’t forget to delete your ad, when the item is sold. You should click the link in email to validate your ad. Anyway, we advise you to get a membership that is FREE forever. In this case you login simply by using your email and password and get full editing and posting access; you will be able to edit, delete old and post new ads, whenever you want. If you own a business and want to promote it online, think of attractive eye-catching advertisements and get good quality photos to be competitive.  No catch, our advertising is  free!  

We do not use costly SSL, so the website may have problems when downloading as https (The site may appear broken). Reopen the page with http. Most website owners do not use SSL, so such problems appear periodically in Sri Lanka and other countries.

Although new classifieds may have some disadvantages, they also have guaranteed advantages for users, since your advertisement will remain on the first page and the first page of the subcategory for a long time. The site is visited by many visitors from Sri Lanka and other countries. We participate in several US traffic exchanges, advertise it locally, and in local and international websites, so  your ads will find exposure in Sri lanka, US and other countries. At the present, the number of visitors exceeds 2 thousands each month. Although we have many users from different countries, who signed up for the website (with validated or not validated accounts), the number of ads is still small. At present, we do not have any restrictions on the number of free ads per user. If you have any problems with using the website or important suggestions, we appreciate, if you inform us about it. We are actively working so that our members receive stable and reliable services.

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Note. We do not use costly SSL, so the website may have problems when downloading as https. Reopen the page as http.
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